At Premier Travel, we have been arranging cruise holidays for many years. We are incredibly experienced in putting together itineraries for our clients and we have close relationships with many major cruise lines to be able to provide the best deals.

Our goal is to find the right cruise for you – many of our staff are cruise specialists so we use their knowledge and experience to find the cruise line which best suits your needs. Cruising is a holiday for everyone, and is becoming increasingly popular with young travellers. Whether you’re seeking a multi-generation family holiday, a cruise around the world, a celebration or special occasion cruise, a luxury experience or cruising rivers, rest assured we can make a package to suit you.

Cruising provides the opportunity to explore numerous destinations, cultures and scenery all on one holiday – and only unpack once! The cruise lines are constantly enhancing what they have to offer and are renowned for their excellent dining, extensive facilities and quality entertainment on board. Want to travel on a cruise but want plenty of time to do your own thing and go on excursions? No problem! The perfect itinerary is out there and we’ll take care of the details to find it for you.

At Premier Travel, we have great cruise offers with all the cruise companies and can guide you through the options. To find out more, submit an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.

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