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Deserted white powdery sands. Glistening turquoise waters. Idyllic swaying palms. The Seychelles are about as close to paradise as you can get!

If you need more convincing to jet off to these stunning islands, check out our top 10 reasons why you need to visit the Seychelles this year – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Seychelles islands

1 Island hopping

For a true Robinson Crusoe experience, look no further! Ever wanted to be marooned on your own desert island? Of the 115 islands that comprise the Seychelles archipelago, most are completely uninhabited! Uncrowded beaches, dramatic rock formations and lush tropical vegetation complete the adventure.

2 Romantic break for two

The Seychelles certainly ticks the box for a romantic getaway for two and is ideal for a special occasion or big celebration. Plus, there are an endless number of cosy corners you can escape to with your loved one.


3 Combine with a safari

Not sure if you fancy two weeks on the beach? Combine a stay on the Seychelles with a South African safari for the ultimate adventure. It’s just a short flight away and means you can enjoy the best of both worlds – beach bliss and wonderful wildlife.

4 Relaxation V adventure

Although renowned for its paradise beaches, the Seychelles also packs in a huge range of activities. Spend the mornings on a nature hike or jeep safari, and set aside the afternoons for topping up your tan on the sandy shores.


5 Anse Lazio

Did you know that the lovely Anse Lazio beach on Praslin regularly appears in top 10 lists for the world’s most beautiful beaches? Grab your camera and get snapping away for that perfect Instagram photo.

6 Amazing animals

The Seychelles are home to a very special species of large tortoise – the Aldabra giant tortoise. Some of these tortoises are up to 250 years old! Get up close to these gentle creatures for a truly memorable encounter.

7 Year round weather

You can enjoy balmy, tropical weather throughout most of the year, with an average temperature of 27 degrees – great beach weather all year round!

8 Mouthwatering cuisine

Sample a variety of delicious fresh seafood – in fact, fish is the main ingredient used for most dishes in the Seychelles. It’s also home to at least 23 different banana species, from tiny sweet bananas to giant plantains.

9 Impressive diving

The waters surrounding the Seychelles are teeming with marine life, and it’s one of the most stunning destinations in the world to go diving. Explore the underwater world from Mahe, which boasts more than 75 dive locales. Towering fan corals, rare macro life and even whale sharks await you.

10 UNESCO World Heritage

The fabulous Vallee de Mai – which has been compared to the Garden of Eden – should be high on your travel itinerary. Located on Praslin, this paradise is one of the Seychelles’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and an experience not to be missed!

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